Monthly Archives: April 2008

Dell m1530 no longer turns on

Well, I’ve had the dell for a month or two and it already required an entire motherboard replacement.  If you tried to turn it on, the blue light on the power would come on for a second.  Nothing else would turn on.

After contacting dell support, the guy said a tech would have to look at it.  He said his computer went down at dell and that he would have to call me the next day.  I never got a call.  So, I tried again in a few days.  The tech had me remove the hard drive and the lan card.  He then claimed it was the motherboard and was going to send one out with a tech.

The good news is that the computer works again.  The bad news is I am extremely worried about the quality of my new m1530.  It died in less than a couple months of ownership!  I have never had another brand with an issue like that.

Another issue I had with Dell was with when I bought it.  I chose Dell Financing due to the Zero percent financing if I paid it off in a year.  I figured that would be a great idea since it costs nothing to me.  So, I patiently watched my order status move from order made to processing.  It sat there for a week and then one part of my order got cancelled!  It was the LoJack part, so that didn’t bother me because it was something I didn’t want for free.  I called them, since they didn’t bother to call me.  Bounced through about 10 people in their system.  To find later that they thought my order was fraud without even picking up a phone to call or having something that asked me to call.

Finally a rep talked to me and asked me everything that made me feel uncomfortable.  Personal information and such.  That guy could have taken all this information and lived as me. 

Needless to say, this will be the last time I purchase from this company.  They simply need to have some midwest call centers that solve problems at one person in 10 minutes then bouncing me around for 2-3 hours and making me curse Dell.

UPDATE: title change.