Monthly Archives: May 2011

Installing Wireshark/Winpcap on Server Core R2 2008

Today I needed to install winpcap and Wireshark on Windows Server Core 2008 R2. So, here is how I finally accomplished this.

  1. Install WireShark on your local box (x64 only).
  2. Get the winpcap.dll and packet.dll from your Windows\System32 directory and copy it to the new core server in the same location.
  3. Download and install Network Monitor 3.4 (Microsoft’s Wireshark) on the Server Core server.  (This installs the necessary Network Card Driver)
  4. Now install Wireshark on the core server.  WinPcap installation will fail.. That is ok.
  5. cd to Program Files\Wireshark
  6. run Wireshark.exe

That is about it.  I have it up and running on my Server Core box.  Hope this helps someone else!