FIOS vs Cable (Cox Communications) part 3 – Follow up

We upgraded our connection to 50/20 (50 mbps down and 20 mbps up).  I must say the results are quite impressive.  For the exact same price (~$90/month) we have a full 50 mpbs!

I had to change my  Router once again though.  I achieved these results with the $99 Dlink DIR-655.  The router seems to handle itself quite well.  I am considering going to a full blown Linux router, but the Dlink seems to be doing nicely.

I have had quite an easy time dealing with Verizon Support.  Their techs do not treat me like an idiot.  I asked one tech during the year to release my DHCP since I had a router die without releasing it.  He knew exactly what I wanted and the new router was working within seconds.  Then we had ordered the upgrade for 50/20 and the system was still performing at 30/15.  So we called, and within a short amount of time they found the issue and fixed it.

Before I obtained the DLINK DIR-655, I tried a Linksys WRVS4400N router from Cisco.  I ended up returning this router due to the Download on the speedtest sites maxing at 15-20 mbps.  That router looks nice and performs poorly.  I would stay away from it.

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