SABnzbd+ File Handler Beta

SABnzb+ File Handler – Freeware

This program allows you to quickly add an nzb file to your SABnzbd+ Queue.  It will allow you to select a category to download to.

I plan on adding a status line to this program at a later date.  Please enjoy this Alpha.

  1. Needs an update since the last version of Sabnzbd uses the API key.

  2. I will as soon as I get the new one and a small amount of time.


  3. Hi,

    any news on a new version?


  4. Will you make an update for the API-Key? I really hope so, because this is by far the best file handler I found so far!

  5. Does the lawsuit render your city caller id software "abandonware"? On usenet?

  6. The download link isn’t working.

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