Acer Aspire 1420P Touch Screen Problem (Dead Zones) – PDC Laptop

My Microsoft PDC Laptop suffered from dead zones on the screen after a few days.  I had a couple options.  One of them being to return the laptop.  The other one was to open it and fix it myself.  Since I am quite impatient, I decided to try and fix it.

I made a video and I put a few steps down on how I fixed the dead zones.

1. Unscrew the two little screws next to the pivot point of the screen.  They are under two rubber nubs.  They are easy to remove with a jewlers screwdriver (I highly suggest using this method).

2. Push around the screen bezel until it pops up.  Do this gently and without a lot of pressure.  It should snap up pretty easy.

3. Unscrew the 4 screws holding the touch screen together.

4. Snap up the little plastic connector on the large ribbon cable in the bottom left of the screen.  You may need to remove a piece of clear tape on it.  (The connector snaps up from the top of it.  It does not slide forward or back).

5. Gently move the screen away from the connector.  There are two little screws on the left hand of the touch screen.  Loosen them and push the metal bar on the screen up away from the connector and retighten those screws.  (This will push the connector in better when it is mounted.

6. Clean the connector with a contact cleaner.  I used tuner cleaner from radio shack.  I’m sure there are alternatives.  (You may omit this step and it could work fine.)

NOTE: When I did this, it would work for an hour.  It wasn’t until I removed the black strip on the top of the connector that it started working again.  (The black strip is on the screen’s connector.  Not the connector on the board!)

7. Push the connector in tight and put snap the connector back down.

8. Screw in the four screen screws.  At this point.  I booted up and tested.  That is up to you.

9. Snap back on the bezel and finish up.


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  1. You’re lucky – I’m from the UK, me and 2 colleagues attended the PDC. Out of the 3 1420P devices only 1 still works. The other 2 are totally dead. Acer support is basically useless :-(

  2. This sounds quite nasty, have been dreaming about this computer or the big brother 1820(PT or PTZ) for a while.
    Any more issues?
    Like how is the hinge and does the screen stay in place in laptop mode?

  3. Cool video! Any chance of a feature walk through on this tablet?

  4. My PDC laptop suffered the same problem. Your fix took me 5 minutes and worked perfectly. We’ll see if it holds up, but even if it doesn’t, it’s a snap to redo. I really like this laptop; it has been pretty stable. It is not a powerhouse but it’s not intended to be. Battery life is amazing and it has enough power for all of my development tools. I have tried running an all-in-one server03/MOSS/SQL virtual machine and found it usable but extremely slow. That was with 4gb of physical ram, 3gb on the virt. Acer/Microsoft were kind enough to only fill one of the sodimm slots with a 2gb (rather than 2 1gb sticks) so upgrading the ram to 4gb was extremely cheap. As for the screen staying put in laptop mode, it does up to about 45 degrees and then its weight causes it to collapse. When I had it open I didn’t notice whether the hinge could be tightened to prevent this, but it’s not usually a problem since I rarely need a viewing angle beyond 45 degrees.

  5. Looks like my 1420P just died. It worked for 6 days, then 5 minutes ago the screen went all snowy it made a weird electrical "peeww" sound and shut off. Now when I try to turn it on, the status lights and fan turns on for about 8 seconds and immediately shuts back off again.

  6. I had the same issue with my PDC laptop right out of the box. I went the support route and had to ship it in. Acer had it for five weeks and I finally go it back on Jan 11th. Horrible tech support experience.

  7. Awsome! I fixed it in minutes with your help. Thanks a million!
    BTW my screen was dead from the start with only about a 1×1 inch square in the bottom right accepting input.

  8. Robert Dawson

    Thanks for the video and tips. I have the same problem and am going to try your method. One question: Can you explain more about the NOTE in Step 6? Didn’t see that in the video. What do you mean you "removed the black strip"? Did you throw away the black strip?

  9. Thanks a lot! I had about a two-inch wide dead zone and this fixed it like a champ.

  10. thanks for the video tips,i am from indonesia,i bought it at taiwan city,i have the different problem,my screen was crack,after that accident the pc touch screen can’t detect,substantively i am going to renew it,would you please giving me opinion how to get acer address at indonesia,because i was comfusing looking for good mecanic at indonesia,thank you

  11. When I did this, it would work for an hour. It wasn’t until I removed the black strip on the top of the connector that it started working again.

  12. Acer ‘s tech support email is:

    ADDR: Acer Repair Center
    10986 N.W. H.K. Dodgen Loop
    Temple, TX 76504

    I just got it back after they fixed me this dead zone problem. Now I have another problem: When I turned the screen. The system turned off. I have to removed the battery and put back on to be able to turn it back on again. I try in DOS mode and it did the same. So I know that must be hardware issue.

    Anyone has idea how to fix it? I hate to send it back. so time consuming.

  13. issue after issue

    I got the same issue.. Had the dead zone problem, then sent it back. they fixed it but the system restart. One more problem, it ‘s only charge the battery to 50%.

    please email me if you have similar issue, maybe we can group all these cases and forward to Acer.

    KK (

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