City Caller ID – My First Android App

So, I took some time this weekend to develop an Android application.  The application displays the city name and state someone is calling from.  This application is something I’ve wanted on a phone.

Due to a patent that is already on this technology, I had to remove it.



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  1. Great little app! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Can you make the font the same as the font the system is using?

    Kind of clashes with my in-call screen.

    Other than that, works great!

  3. Hi Brendan,

    I am adding a font selector, size, and placement preference to the app.

    Hopefully it will be done today.


  4. Hey I have the HTC droid and the city shows up over the accept and decline buttons unvisible because of the lightness of the font. Wish you could choose where on the screen it shows up. Makes app useless to me. Uninstalled .

  5. You can move the alert up by changing the "Space from bottom" setting.

  6. Thanks for the speedy reply!

  7. Are you still gonna add the option to select the font?

  8. Hi Brendan,

    It will be in a release soon!

    I did some of the major fixes now. The font was changed to default.


  9. Hi! Thanks for this app, it was exactly what I was looking for when I got my motorola droid. I’m going to buy the donate version today because it is so much more accurate and easy to use then the otherf location caller id apps.

    The only suggestion I would like to add is a feature that allows you to just type in numbers and get the city and state, without having to receive a call, and show the city nd state when making a call.

    Thank you for this app!

  10. Great! Possible to show the state and city info when u make calls as well?

  11. Hi Bernie,

    I am working on two things with it. One to show it in the call history and the outgoing call is second.

    The issue I have found is that the outgoing call screen doesn’t have much room on it. And I want to avoid putting it over any buttons.

    I am considering a way to have you drag it where you want on a screen.

    I should have an update soon.


  12. Como. Funciona

  13. Just a dumb question…. it does not charge me on my account for this since it was a free app? Right? Also, I accidentally hit the est call button… that doesn’t cost anything I hope…

  14. The test call button is free. This application is free.

    The test call is provided by my company CDYNE Corp for free.

  15. Font colour option?

  16. All I get is unknown(city),USA. Is there something I did wrong? I have the G1 by T-Mobile

  17. The app is great, thanks! If you could also she the city state when making a call or checking a missed call I would be thrilled, would be worth paying for

  18. Great app. I love it but would u be able to add color option ? Also could u make it so when ur just typing in a number it would say? Like if I just type in 773-555-5555 it would show up Chicago il without having to call ? Once again I LOVE your app

  19. Such a great app! Perfect. I love the app and I love you for making it :)

  20. Great app! I noticed the text only appear around the lower area. How about configuring it in the upper regions for hero phones?

  21. Thanks for this app, I had it on my last fone and when I got the Moto Droid I couldn’t find it anywhere. I just did and it works great for ignoring unwanted calls. Thanks again luv it!!!!

  22. claudio talavera

    What’s how can I get the answer button on my screen like the picture

  23. Like the idea of this but was inaccurate I called someone in same city and said they somewhere else

  24. this app is pretty cool.. I can finally know what city a number is from if the number is unfamiliarrr… haha

  25. Little disappointed, thought it would say the city where the call was coming from but it just lists the city the number originates. My daughter called me from enfield CT but the app says Hartford cause that’s where the # is from. Guess this app isn’t what I was looking for.


  27. Cool app but the calls ive received so far do not list the correct city. Oddly it mistakenly says charlotte is in SC instead of NC

  28. app DOES NOT WRK WIT MY SAMSUNG MOMENT….cities dnt match, forecloses all the time, phone freezes, and ths app sumhow makes half of my incoming calls UNKNOWN….WEIRD

  29. Great app thanks but one suggestion how about showing city and stat3 when dial out with area code

  30. RrRAGreat app..this is what my g1 was missing, but how can I get those icons on my screen to ignore or answer like the picture?

  31. The update fixed the inaccuracies. Now its spot on as far as I can tell.

  32. works great, but it would be better if the location displayed between the name and answer/reject sliders, instead of below everything

  33. You can try to use "Space from Bottom" to move it in between the sliders.

  34. @shaquena, that is in Android Verson 2.0.1

    You could most likely find a version of that for your phone online somewhere.

  35. Consider rejection hotline detection? ;-)

  36. anthonie johnson

    When u someone calls you u need 2 put their exact location in which they are callin you from

  37. Good app. But some Miami numbers don’t show.

  38. I uninstalled & reinstalled upgraded version still
    I can not get those icons on my screen to ignore or answer as shown in the pictures. What am I doing wrong?

  39. Love the app. Works great… one feature request… put the city info in the call logs too so you can still see even if you missed the call..
    Or see where the number is based that you are calling if you don’t know.

  40. i like the app.

    but i noticed my battery life wasnt as robust as before. after uninstalling my battery life significantly improved.

  41. Are you going to have a history list?

  42. Hector homestead

    Like this app. Thanks for sharing

  43. It don’t work for my phone at all and idk y it keeps sayin unknown

  44. Works just like it should. It indicates city and state just fine but on cell phones it only indicates city and state of cell home. How hard would it be to have the cell calls indicate city and state where it is calling from?

  45. What are you using to look up the locations?

    It got the location of my home land line wrong. Close, though.

  46. Ever since I have downloaded the app it doesn’t display the city, on the state. Any suggestions?

  47. I like this app very nice job!! I just have one question though on a cell phone does the id from where they are or where the phone was bought?

  48. Yo do I know u

  49. Thumbs up !

  50. Arriba mexico

  51. Forcecloses when there is no signal

  52. Very nIce….Sam

  53. A phone number that calls me has the wrong city listed. It is 206359xxxx. It shows on your app its from tacoma, wa but it is seattle, wa

  54. Like app. Seems that ringtones I have assigned to my individual contacts over ridden by this app. Uses ringtone I have set as my default ringtone for all my contacts.

  55. I love the app. Do you think it would be possible to display the notes for your contacts on the in-call and out-call displays?

    That could be used to correct the location, remind you of where you met, etc..

  56. Lookup function is great!

  57. Ese sistema esta muy bueno

  58. Thanks 4 creating such a wonderful app & 4 your generosity in not charging 4 your creation.

  59. It’s good but is there another on that show name

  60. I think this app is wonderful. But there should be more option where we can decide,where we want the city caller id to b. We also should but able to have it very big. Under the telephone number.

  61. Thanks alot. I really can use this app. I get so many calls and don’t know where they are from.

  62. Have you thought about changing the app to display a picture of the state or something instead?

  63. for some reason it isnt working on my htc thunderbolt.

  64. I no longer support the application.


  65. Your old version still works great on the drinc2 hehe

  66. I still use your application. It’s out there if you know where to look ;) Works great on my modded droid 1. Thanks for making it man!

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